What is CFF

CFF is a student run organization and part of Associated Students. We promote financial literacy awareness and educate students on various personal finance topics. Our mission is to prepare students for a lifetime of financial wellbeing, and those basics start in college.

The Community Financial Fund was established in the 2010-2011 academic year, when students passed a measure allocating a new student fee of $2.10 per student per quarter to initiate the program. In the fall of 2011, the Fund began its work by supplementing the AS Emergency Loans Program. In its second operating year, the CFF inaugurated a well-liked grant program, which provides additional financial assistance to the student populous. The grant program also established the financial literacy workshop, which has been instrumental in equipping students with important financial information. The Fund works closely with the Financial Aid Department, and the AS Food Bank in order to reach-out to students living with food insecurity as a result of their financial instability.

Who are We

CFF is comprised of 10 students who are tasked with educating their peers on the basics of personal finances before leaving college. Our members cannot be more excited to educate and prepare their peers on topics that we are unfortunately never taught in school.

Apply to be part of CFF

As we help others learn about financial literacy, the CFF board has the unique opportunity of gaining expertise knowledge of their own personal finances. In addition, our members take on a variety of tasks that prepare them for jobs outside of college, such as marketing & advertising, public speaking, recruiting professors and business professionals, event planning and more. Lastly, members of CFF have gone on to work with renowned companies such as Amgen, Deloitte, EY, IBM, PwC, and more!

To apply, email: (as-cffchair@ucsb.edu). We will be in touch with interviews in the Spring!