All positions for the CFF Committee for 2019-2020 are currently full.  Return here to apply in Spring 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year!


Our board members are committed to the principles of work ethic, leadership, and helping others. New members can expect to gain and build upon valuable job experience and skills such as public speaking, team building, event planning, and more! Past members have gone on to work at esteemed companies such as Amgen, Deloitte, EY, IBM, and PwC! We hope that you apply and go on to further benefit UCSB, our community, and yourself!

Applications are due on Thursday, May 9th at 5:00 PM. If selected, we will notify you within a week of the deadline to schedule an interview.

CFF Positions and Duties

All Members

      • 1 workshop per quarter
      • 1 additional after hours workshop per quarter
      • 1 hour long weekly meeting
      • 2 hours per quarter essay reading
      • Work with committee to brainstorm and execute new project

Note: Positions and duties will be clarified in further detail during interview and upon joining

Internal Vice Chair

      • Attend authorized signers WS in Fall
      • Survey and schedule time/room for weekly meetings
      • Survey and schedule for people’s quarterly workshops
      • Coordinate with advisor to book workshop rooms/time
      • Survey and schedule time/date for grant essay reading
      • Coordinate with advisor to book room for essay reading
      • Survey and schedule time/dates and room for spring speaker series
      • Book a room, schedule times for interviews and coordinate with new board applicants in spring

External Vice Chair

      • Assigning workshop requests to members from other departments/orgs
      • Coordinate with Networking officer to recruit speakers for spring series
      • Communicate with grant applicants when approved/not approved
      • Communicate when checks are ready for pickup
      • Oversee communication with students for grant issues
      • First contact for speaker during speaker series

Info Officer

      • Record names/emails of approved/non approved grants after essay reading
      • Forward information to advisor
      • Coordinate with Digital Officer to add 2 slides to the powerpoint each quarter
      • Update quarterly workshop ticket and grant checklist
      • Update workshop quiz quarterly
      • Responsible for tabling with Network Officer at Meet the Programs, plus once a quarter

Networking Officer

      • In charge of email blasts (Workshops – EOP) (Speaker series – Honors Mail, Econ, Career Connection, EOP, CFF email List, Career Services) (Recruitment – Econ, Career Connection, OSL)
      • Coordinate with EVC to recruit speakers for spring series
      • Responsible for tabling with Info Officer at Meet the Programs, plus once a quarter

Finance Officer

      • Attend authorized signers WS in Fall
      • Oversee buying of promotional materials (pens, koozies, shirts, etc)
      • Oversee buying of food for speaker series (Must be done in advance)
      • Oversee buying of gifts for speaker series
      • Oversee payment to aspubs and digiknow
      • Oversee buying of additional supplies as needed
      • Coordinate with Data Officer to recommend and submit budget for next year
      • Attend budget hearing

Data Analytics Officer

      • Attend authorized signers WS in Fall
      • In charge of making and overseeing quarterly workshop evals
      • Evaluate evals and making recommendations
      • Record emails of attendees for speaker series
      • Make/send out additional eval to assess series
      • Record names/emails on excel from email list handout after quarterly workshops
      • Coordinate with advisor to check on remaining funds twice a quarter
      • Coordinate with advisor after grant payments to find remaining balance for grants
      • Estimate # of students needed for next quarters workshops

Print Media Officer

      • Make advertising materials under instruction of chair
      • Mostly for speaker series
      • Create a name/email list handout for workshops
      • In charge of printing all materials (Tickets, Grant checklist, Quiz, Resources handout, Email list)

Digital Media Officer

    • Create quarterly ads under instruction of chair and submit to digiknow
    • Update website under instruction of chair
    • Create google form for board applications in the spring
    • Coordinate with Info Officer to add 2 slides to the powerpoint each quarter