More About Our Committee
Cher Chui
Position: Chair
Major: Econ & Accounting, Asian American Studies
Year: 2021
Fun Fact: My parents almost named me after a Pokemon.
Anusha Sinha
Position: Internal VP
Major: Econ & Accounting, Professional Writing Minor
Year: 2021
Fun Fact: I’m a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Eliana Cazares
Position: External Vice Chair
Major: Sociology and Applied Psychology
Year: 2021
Fun Fact: I have nine siblings.
Ashley Yung
Position: Data Analyst
Major: LCS, Applied Psychology
Year: 2022
Fun Fact: I have tried to learn 7 languages & I’m fluent in 3!
Andy Long
Position: Finance Officer
Major: Econ & Accounting, Sociology
Year: 2022
Fun fact: I have 9 cats!

Cole Weber
Position: Networking Officer
Major: Econ & Accounting
Year: 2021
Vincent Ton
Position: Information Officer
Major: Political Science & Philosophy
Fun Fact: I collect neckties.
Risa Mori
Position: Print Media Officer
Major: Communication & Political Science
Year: 2023
Fun Fact: I’ve lived in Finland

Sandy Nava Flores
Position: Digital Media Officer
Major: Psychological & Brain Sciences, Education Minor
Year: 2021