Winter Quarter 2019

Financial Literacy Workshops

Thank you for your interest in the Community Financial Fund!

The A.S. Community Financial Fund (CFF) offers quarterly Financial Literacy Workshops to UCSB students. The workshop will take an hour long and will provide you a $350 grant, contingent on passing a financial literacy quiz and a short essay detailing your financial literacy knowledge. These workshops are in high demand, so if you sign up for a time, you MUST attend!

To RSVP, please click on the link below entitled, “Workshop Application”.

To RSVP, please click and fill out the following Google Form –> Workshop Application (Link Activates January 17th @ 5:00 PM)

Disclaimer: You may not receive a confirmation email after you RSVP. Please be sure to mark in your calendar the date and time of your workshop.

If you have any further questions, please contact Alejandro Muro, the Community Financial Fund Advisor, at amuro@ucsb.edu or the Chair, Matt Helper, at cffchair@as.ucsb.edu. Thank you!

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions!