CFF Grant Program

Financial Literacy Workshops

Winter Quarter applicants – your checks are now available for pickup at the AS Ticket Office

Spring Quarter applicants – Deadline for turning in your workshop materials is 4/26 at 4:30 PM (Not 4/19)

Thank you for your interest in the Community Financial Fund!

The A.S. Community Financial Fund (CFF) offers quarterly Financial Literacy Workshops to UCSB students. The workshop will take an hour long and will provide you a $350 grant, contingent on passing a financial literacy quiz and a short essay detailing your financial literacy knowledge.

The first step in obtaining the CFF grant is attending a financial literacy workshop. To attend a workshop, come to the AS Ticket Window on Wed, April 10th to pick up a ticket. Tickets will be available to approximately 150 students per quarter on a first come, first serve basis.

The ticket will allow you to attend any workshop for the following week (April 15 – 19), additionally, the ticket will list workshop times and locations. You may attend any, so long as you have a ticket.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Chair, Matt Helper, at Thank you!

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