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Meet the CFF Committee!

Quyen Le

CFF Chair

My name is Quyen and I am the CFF Chair for the 2023-24 year! I have been a part of CFF for the last 2 years, joining the team after watching an amazing speaking event my sophomore year. I’ll be working with everyone to coordinate your quarterly grant workshops, speaking events, and more, so hopefully I’ll see you at some of them.

Claudia Lee

External Vice Chair

I’m the external vice chair and my main responsibilities are spearheading the annual Spring Speaker Series and being the main point of contact for CFF with other entities within and outside of the school. My hope for this year is to put together a speaker series (and other campus collaborations) that will help our undergraduate students delve further into the nuances of personal finance without making it seem so scary!

Sydney Adam

Internal Vice Chair

Hi! I am a 3rd year student studying Psychological and Brain Sciences as well as Technology Management. As the Internal Vice Chair, I am responsible for committee logistics, planning, and scheduling of events for CFF.

Jasmine Hirth

Finance Officer

Hello, my name is Jasmin Hirth and I am a 4th year economics and accounting major. I am excited to be the Financial Officer for CFF this year!

John Hutto

Data Officer

Hi everyone I’m John and I’m the Data Officer for CFF this year. My role is to compile and interpret the program’s data from our surveys, and sort and organize the Grant Workshop registration and attendance forms. I produce a quarterly data report with the CFF Coordinator to assess the Fund’s efficiency and predict future needs. Additionally, I am in charge of making and overseeing quarterly anonymous Board evaluations and making and overseeing quarterly workshop evaluations.

Aditti Patel

Networking Officer

My role is to work with the External Vice Chair to help plan and put on events such as the Fall and Spring Speaker Series. I also handle all email blasts and work with other members of the CFF Board to help distribute marketing materials. I am excited for everyone to see what amazing events and speakers CFF is planning for this year!

Andrew Yang

Information Officer

Hi everyone I’m Andrew Yang and I’m the Information Officer for CFF this year! My responsibilities include selecting, managing, sourcing informational resources and updating information for our grant workshop presentation.

Alexa Ghalwash

Print Media Officer

Hey everyone! My name’s Alexa Ghalwash and I’m thrilled to be CFF’s Print Media Officer for the 2023-2024 school year. I’m in charge of creating all infographics to keep the UCSB students up to date on CFF’s events and services. Beyond this, I am excited to contribute to CFF’s mission of increasing financial literacy, and setting up our peers for future financial success! 

Rajanno Rahim

Digital Media Officer

Hi everyone, I go by RJ and I’m a second-year Econ & Accounting Major and I’m the Digital Media Officer for CFF this year. I’m responsible for managing our website and social outlets!

Mayra Canseco

Peer Advisor

I’m excited to be this year’s Peer Advisor for AS CFF, and my role is to be your resource in discussing and exploring various financial tools. I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow students and sharing the knowledge I have.

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