Essay Requirements & What to Turn in

The essay prompt for the CFF Grant:

“What Financial Literacy topics are you least familiar with? How will you improve your understanding of them and use that knowledge in your life?”

Your essay should follow the following instructions.

  1. Typed
  2. One full page
  3. Single-spaced
  4. 12-point Times New Roman font
  5. One inch margins

Essays not completed in this format will not be accepted. The student will lose their application number and will have to reapply.

Please attach your essay to your application. Submit it along with the checklist CFF will provide at the workshop.

There should be four documents in your final packet:

  1. Ticket,
  2. Grant checklist signed by a CFF representative,
  3. Essay,
  4. Financial Literacy Quiz

Winter Quarter applicants – your checks are now available for pickup at the AS Ticket Office

Spring Quarter applicants – Deadline for turning in your workshop materials is 4/26 at 4:30 PM (Not 4/19)